Dr. Árpád Szabó

assistant professor
Area of Expertise
Integrated Mite Management of orchards
Transmaternal effects of acaricides
The role of phytoseiid mites in agroecosystems
The general focus of our research program is to examine the faunal composition and abundance of phytoseiid mites (Acari: Phytoseiidae) in apple orchards and vineyards under different pest management systems in Hungary.
We are developing sustainable mite management strategies for horticultural crops, mainly in fruit orchards using all new knowledges on predatory mites, acaricides and fruit growing techniques. This broad focus allows us the opportunity to work simultaneously in basic and applied areas on the most important mite species.
Courses Co-taught:
Biological Bases of Entomology
            Identification and Forecast of Pests
            Integrated Pest Management
            Plant Protection of Vineyards
Building "A", 2nd floor, room 203.
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E-mail: Szabo.Arpad@kertk.szie.hu
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