Dr. József Fail

associate professor, chair of department
Area of Expertise
Integrated Pest Management of insects and mites affecting vegetables and other horticultural crops; biological control; insect monitoring; plant resistance; ecology of Thysanoptera
The general focus of our research program is to develop sustainable insect management strategies for vegetables and other horticultural crops, using a sound understanding of insect ecological principles. This broad focus allows us the opportunity to work simultaneously in basic and applied areas on a number of important arthropod pests. Our program works with presently available strategies and helps incorporate them into pest management programs, and develops new strategies for the future. Examples of projects include: understanding and modifying ecological factors that influence the risk of infestation; incorporating biological control into insect management strategies; studying mechanisms of host plant resistance and working with companies to develop resistant germplasm; developing improved insect monitoring strategies for IPM.
The current special focus of our research program is the ecology of the onion thrips (Thrips tabaci Lindeman 1889) species complex.
Courses Taught
In English:      INTKT RT001 Applied Entomology.
3RT07NAK04M Biological Bases of Entomology
In Hungarian: 3RT07NAK08M Biological Control
                        3RT07NAK16M Industrial Plant Protection.
Co-taught in Hungarian:
3RT07NAK04M Biological Bases of Entomology
                        3RT07NAK05M Identification and Forecast of Pests
                        3RT07NAK13M Integrated Pest Management
                        3RT07NAK01B Applied Entomology
                        3NK06NAK03B Integrated Pest Management and Weed Science
                        3NK08NAK16B Plant Protection
5SZ09NAK01B Plant Protection and Soil Conservation.
Extension and Outreach
Our extension program focuses on helping growers implement sustainable IPM strategies and educating the public about agricultural issues, including biological control and up to date pest management practices.
Building "A", 2nd floor, room 201.
Tel.: +36 1 305 7518
Fax: +36 1 305 7672
E-mail: Fail.Jozsef@kertk.szie.hu